• GOAL 1
  • Enhance Student Success & Social Mobility

Student success across the NMSU system is driven by a commitment to learning, degree completion, and career attainment enriched by our research and outreach enterprise. Our students are served by our culture of inclusivity and educational delivery that meets student needs and includes online and hands-on learning. Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of students across the system, NMSU provides a supportive environment for students to become a part of, and contribute to, the campus community, the state, the country, and the world.

1. Objectives / Actions

  1. Create targeted enrollment initiatives to increase recruitment from high school
  2. Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications plan that emphasizes degree opportunities across the system and align communication plans across the system to foster common messaging and branding
  3. Leverage system-wide outreach programs (e.g. 4-H, STEM programs, athletics, entrepreneurship) as recruitment opportunities
  4. Create a recruitment network (e.g. high schools, military installations, outreach programs)
  5. Formalize, expand and market Aggie Pathways for seamless transfer to the university campus
  6. Develop marketing strategies that target diverse student segments such as transfer, military, returning students, and individuals enrolling with educational gaps
  7. Adopt holistic recruitment programs that address the needs of a diverse student population, foster inclusion and diversity, engage families, and leverage our vast alumni network
  8. Create and promote robust online learning programs (fully online degrees, blended programs, online courses, support services)
  9. Leverage our programs and networks (e.g. student organizations, alumni, and non-profit partners) to increase national and international enrollment
  10. Collaborate on interdisciplinary academic programs in emerging disciplines
  11. Align human, financial, and physical resources to support student success across the system
  1. Develop system-wide advising practices that align with student learning objectives and promote student success
  2. Incorporate comprehensive financial planning and counseling into curricular and co-curricular activities
  3. Incorporate Aggie identity into system-wide support infrastructures such as tutoring, mental-health counseling, healthcare, financial counseling, ethnic programs
  4. Foster inclusivity, engagement, and access to academic and co-curricular experiences
  5. Expand options for curricular delivery to include fully online programs, blended programs, and online courses
  6. Provide training to students, faculty, and staff to create classroom and university environments that promote inclusion and recognize the strength in diversity
  7. Close the achievement gap
  1. Encourage involvement in system-wide co-curricular activities such as athletics, student organizations, fine arts, community outreach, Pride Band, intramurals, and ROTC
  2. Develop robust experiential learning, service-learning, and research experiences that engage students and contribute to the development of essential skills
  3. Engage university faculty and staff in Aggie Life experiences
  1. Enhance system-wide internship, co-op, and externship opportunities to meet employment and workforce needs
  2. Create system-wide career advising programs with shared objectives
  3. Develop a strategic relationship with New Mexico Workforce Solutions to expand student awareness of New Mexico employment opportunities
  4. Collaborate with business and industry partnerships to expand career opportunities for international students within and external to the U.S.
  5. Develop alumni and corporate relationships for student mentoring and job placement
  6. Foster awareness of post-graduate opportunities for career advancement
  1. Develop a communications plan that emphasizes strong graduate programs as central to the growth and impact of research, scholarship and creative activity
  2. Cultivate new and increase existing resources to support graduate students
  3. Align use of graduate assistantships with the teaching and research mission
  4. Invest research indirect cost (IDC) to develop and apply incentives to grow graduate enrollment
  5. Foster and support graduate student enrollment in social sciences, humanities and creative arts
  6. Promote professional master's degrees as value-added credentials for career advancement
  1. For all degree programs, create and publish learning objectives and assessment plans
  2. Revise Vision for the Baccalaureate Experience to align with New Mexico General Education Essential Skills
  3. Ensure that all academic programs have published degree plans that include pre-requisites and that are easily navigated
  4. Support efforts to improve student learning through robust professional development



2.Completion (persistence, graduation rate, degrees awarded, average time)*

3.Net Price

4.Social mobility index (such as CollegeNet)

Leading Indicators
For each level, demographic, market segment, and discipline:

  • Upstream enrollment indicators
  • Recognized leader in serving diverse students and eliminating achievement gaps
  • Scholarships and financial aid awarded
  • Midterm grades
  • Outcomes (career advancement*, employment rate*, salary*, graduate school*
  • Student participation in and use of NMSU non-academic programs and services
  • Student participation in career fairs
  • Satisfaction survey with advising
  • Alumni and industry partner participation in career mentoring
* 6 months, 2 years, 5 years post-graduation

Strategic Goals

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Goal 1

Advance Student Success & Social Mobility

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Elevate Research & Creativity

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Amplify Extension & Outreach

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Build a Robust University System

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