• GOAL 2
  • Elevate Research & Creativity

NMSU recognizes that all disciplines advance research, scholarship and creative activity, and along with the assets of the state of New Mexico, create a strong foundation for teaching, learning, education, training, innovation, and economic development.

2. Objectives / Actions

  1. Align research strengths across all academic units to create integrated research centers supported with strategic investment and interdisciplinary hires
  2. Enhance interdisciplinary collaboration, especially inclusive of creative and non-STEM disciplines
  3. Develop interdisciplinary academic degrees aligned with research capabilities in emerging areas
  4. Promote and reward entrepreneurial initiatives
  5. Increase funded graduate assistants
  6. Create competitive faculty startup packages
  7. Build strategic public–private partnerships (e.g., industry, national labs), with opportunities to integrate graduate student research
  8. Enrich and expand corporate, industrial, and government relationships to advance research and creative activity
  1. Increase number of doctoral degree programs and graduates in the humanities, social sciences and arts
  2. Support infrastructure needs of humanities, social sciences and creative arts
  3. Build and support a creative campus
  4. Leverage existing and create new public–private partnerships that elevate the humanities, social sciences and arts
  1. Develop sustainable research programs in energy, food and agriculture, and water to serve as drivers for economic development throughout New Mexico
  2. Foster interdisciplinary research agendas that explore the integration of data and information technologies with diverse disciplines
  3. Leverage NMSU’s land- and space-grant missions to initiate a space sustainability academic and research program by integrating NMSU’s commercial space and sustainability efforts
  4. Conduct research that improves borderland health with a focus on health disparities
  5. Build interdisciplinary teams to increase competitiveness for large biomedical research grants
  6. Expand research by leveraging NMSU’s unique physical assets such as Physical Science Laboratory, Agricultural Experiment Stations, Apache Point Observatory, and Sunspot Solar Observatory
  7. Incentivize faculty and staff participation in creation of intellectual property
  1. Reward faculty and staff engagement in technology transfer through financial incentives such as intellectual property revenue sharing, new equipment, facility enhancements, and legal support
  2. Develop a communications plan to amplify research outcomes beyond NMSU
  3. Create an environment supportive of interdisciplinary and cross-border collaborations
  4. Provide opportunities for educators to engage in international activities
  5. Build long-term strategic partnerships and relationships
  6. Promote Cooperative Extension Service, engineering extension and outreach, STEM Outreach Center, and other outreach programs as opportunities for technology transfer


5.Science & Engineering research and development expenditures

6.Non-Science & Engineering research and development expenditures

Leading Indicators
For each level, demographic, market segment, and discipline:

  • Visibility and impact – scholarly, educational, behavioral, health, societal, governmental, political, resource, economic, cultural consumer
  • Marketing methodologies and expenditures
  • Increase in number of proposal submissions
  • Faculty startup expenditures
  • Quality of research facilities
  • Journal submissions
  • New collaborations and partnerships
  • Invention disclosures
  • External matching funds
  • Graduate students supported by external funds
  • Graduate enrollment (total)**
  • Graduate enrollment (full-time)**
  • Graduate enrollment (part-time)**
  • Master’s degrees conferred**
  • Master’s, doctoral-professional practice, and doctoral-other degrees conferred in Arts & Sciences**
  • Master’s, doctoral-professional practice, and doctoral-other degrees conferred in professional fields**
  • Doctoral degrees – other**
  • Doctoral degrees – professional practice**
  • Doctoral degrees – research and scholarship**
  • Humanities research and scholarship doctoral degrees**
  • Social science research and scholarship doctoral degrees**
  • STEM research and scholarship doctoral degrees**
  • Number of research and scholarship doctoral degrees conferred in professional fields**

**data used by Carnegie Classification

Strategic Goals

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Goal 1

Advance Student Success & Social Mobility

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Goal 2

Elevate Research & Creativity

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Goal 3

Amplify Extension & Outreach

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Goal 4

Build a Robust University System

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