• GOAL 3
  • Amplify Extension & Outreach

NMSU outreach extends knowledge beyond the university, drives integration of activities, directly and indirectly, and supports student learning, experiences, and success. Our outreach activities include research, connections with communities and families, multigenerational engagement, economic development and entrepreneurship, and collaborative efforts with industry, corporations, and government entities.

3. Objectives / Actions

  1. Capitalize on system-wide strengths to develop strategic, collaborative partnerships
  2. Build sector-specific collaborative initiatives with businesses, national laboratories, communities and economic development organizations
  3. Develop investment partners for technology and business start-ups
  4. Partner with innovation centers and business incubators across the state
  5. Network and market NMSU systemwide economic development and entrepreneurial programs such as Arrowhead Center, especially to New Mexico communities
  6. Promote funding opportunities to startup community (e.g. Small Business Innovation Research, Small Business Technology Transfer, National Science Foundation I-Corps, and Arrowhead Innovation Fund)
  7. Develop investment partners with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists around the globe
  1. Network and market NMSU systemwide outreach programs
  2. Establish shared vision and common metrics for outreach programs across the system
  3. Increase engagement of multigenerational students in continuing education and professional development to promote lifelong learning
  4. Develop PK-20 professional development for teachers to enhance educational learning outcomes statewide
  1. Establish pilot STEM community labs in New Mexico communities
  2. Develop a network of STEM educators that bridge higher education and public education
  3. Lead a coalition of New Mexico higher education institutions dedicated to the improvement of PK-20 STEM education as a statewide system, including advocacy efforts
  4. Enhance curricula on interdisciplinary aspects of STEM and STEM-based skills (e.g. exploring the role of STEM within society and other disciplines)
  5. Develop statewide resources for best practices
  6. Lead a coalition of New Mexico higher education institutions in providing comprehensive professional development for teachers across various learning modalities
  7. Create seamless pathways from PK-12 to higher education
  8. Increase engagement of underrepresented populations in STEM education
  9. Increase the number of STEM-skilled individuals entering the workforce
  1. Inventory university assets and corporate needs and interests, and compile a living document of current and proposed partnerships across the NMSU system
  2. Elevate core strategic partnerships to Chancellor and President to leverage across the system
  3. Develop an integrated process for private sector engagement, including the NMSU Foundation, to support and grow public–private partnerships
  4. Enhance culture of private sector engagement at NMSU
  5. Create list of NMSU research and innovations aligned with private sector technology needs
  6. Establish an incentive system within NMSU for research, Extension, and outreach that leverages private sector relationships
  7. Promote NMSU strengths to current and prospective private sector partners
  8. Develop a marketing campaign to promote NMSU as a resource for ground-breaking research, development of emerging technologies, and qualified students from diverse backgrounds
  9. Leverage NMSU alumni and private sector networks to develop and strengthen core strategic partnerships and individual relationships
  1. Leverage Cooperative Extension Service programs and facilities to benefit economic development and community outreach
  2. Increase engineering extension and outreach programs to support and accelerate technology transfer and economic development
  3. Leverage other system-wide programs to expand economic development and outreach
  4. Promote College of Education outreach programs as best practices for STEM education, and Next Generation Science Standards alignment
  5. Leverage the humanities, social sciences and arts to amplify extension and outreach


7.Outreach and extension expenditures

Leading Indicators
For each level, demographic, market segment, and discipline:

  • Jobs created
  • Investment and funding
  • Youth, students, and constituents engaged
  • Student, faculty and staff service to communities
  • Businesses, individuals, or communities assisted
  • Business startups
  • Number of products developed or improved
  • National, regional, local partnerships
  • International engagements
  • Alignment of Extension and outreach programs and services with strategic goals

Strategic Goals

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Goal 1

Advance Student Success & Social Mobility

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Goal 2

Elevate Research & Creativity

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Goal 3

Amplify Extension & Outreach

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Goal 4

Build a Robust University System

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