• GOAL 4
  • Build a Robust University System

NMSU seeks to improve the University System, across the board, for faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, stakeholders, and prospective students and their families. Cooperation throughout the NMSU system will be exemplary for university systems across the nation through efficient, effective, and empowering operations that align with our strategic goals.

4. Objectives / Actions

  1. Establish an Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Collect information on institutional practices that support or constrain the success of stakeholders and design interventions to address problematic practices
  3. Ensure staff and faculty reflect New Mexico demographics and provide processes for diversity hiring practices
  4. Engage with other minority-serving institutions and adopt best practices
  5. Partner with students and student organizations to address issues of diversity and inclusion
  6. Work with leadership programs to develop and sustain capacity for addressing diversity and inclusion issues
  7. Develop capacity to understand and address issues of inclusion and diversity at all levels of the NMSU system
  8. Promote continuous improvement in communication and management skills
  9. Define and prioritize problems, determine information needs, develop and deliver training
  1. Evaluate current compensation policies to ensure fair-market value for faculty and staff
  2. Develop performance evaluation processes that align, engage, empower, and reward contributions to NMSU systemwide strategic goals
  3. Develop robust network for cross-disciplinary faculty and staff engagement
  4. Support faculty and staff through professional development and programs that support their financial, mental, and physical well-being
  5. Develop professional development programs that foster academic and professional excellence and diversity
  6. Leverage and support shared-governance to advance systemwide mission and vision
  1. Develop metric-driven decision-making processes that drive operational efficiencies
  2. Incentivize metric-driven unit performance
  3. Develop and align human resource policies to support recruitment and retention of faculty and staff
  4. Provide system-wide technology solutions that are flexible, responsive, and secure
  5. Share software systems for operational and administrative services across NMSU
  6. Value and promote customer service and continuous improvement and establish professional development and management training programs where and as needed
  7. Ensure support system to enable employees to meet their individual, unit, and enterprise goals
  8. Enable clear, transparent alignment of budget and resources with enterprise goals
  1. Empower faculty and staff to identify solutions to global challenges
  2. Encourage interdisciplinary thought and creativity at the edges of disciplines
  3. Create opportunities for students to engage in market relevant solutions
  4. Focus on current NMSU strengths in the areas of creating healthy borders, modernization of critical infrastructure, and transforming education.
  1. Cultivate, solicit and steward private financial support from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and others for the benefit of students and programs systemwide
  2. Build endowments to support the long-term academic and priority needs of the NMSU system
  3. Provide sound fiscal oversight of current-use and endowment funds
  4. Identify opportunities to support facility upgrades and renovation, including naming and matching fund opportunities
  5. Integrate alumni engagement across NMSU strategic goals


8.Personnel Assets (satisfaction, compensation, productivity, excellence)

9.Resource development (Alumni engagement, dollars raised, increase in endowment, campaign metrics)

10.Budget alignment and productivity

Leading Indicators
For each level, demographic, market segment, and discipline:

  • Leadership development activities
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Business process transaction completion times (e.g. hiring, procurement, travel)
  • IT development and implementation cycle times
  • Compliance training
  • Adverse events and findings
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Performance evaluation
  • Wage equity
  • Total compensation
  • Turnover rates
  • Student scholarships
  • Increase alumni giving
  • Growth in endowment

Strategic Goals

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Goal 1

Advance Student Success & Social Mobility

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Goal 2

Elevate Research & Creativity

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Goal 3

Amplify Extension & Outreach

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Goal 4

Build a Robust University System

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