Goal Champions

Goal champions will be assisted by teams of faculty, staff, students, and administrators strongly aligned with the goals. In addition, every Goal Team will include members from other Goal Teams to facilitate interaction.

The following individuals have agreed to champion these goals:

  • Goal 1: Led by Dr. Renay Scott with assistance from Dr. Luis Cifuentes
  • Goal 2: Led by Dr. Luis Cifuentes with assistance from Ms. Kathy Hansen
  • Goal 3: Led by Dr. Jon Boren with assistance from Mr. Wayne Savage
  • Goal 4: Led by Dr. Andy Burke with assistance from Dr. Ruth Johnston

The leaders and their Goal Team will:

  1. Identify actions and prioritize them by impact or resource needs
  2. Facilitate accomplishment of those actions
  3. Identify champions for objectives and actions
  4. Identify opportunities for collaboration, especially where such collaboration will increase synergy within the goals
  5. Reach out to units around campus to understand how those units are making progress toward goals and encourage those efforts
  6. Communicate
    - To colleges, departments, councils, and other representative bodies.
    - At periodic meetings of Goal Teams and to share implementation progress, successes and failures.
    - To campus community: both small progressive steps and larger accomplishments.

Each Goal Team will be updating the campus regularly regarding progress on goals across the system.

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NMSU Sysyem Strategic Goals


  • GOAL 1
  • GOAL 2
  • GOAL 3
  • GOAL 4

Objective 1.1

Diversify, optimize, and increase system-wide enrollment


Objective 1.2

Increase student retention and degree attainment


Objective 1.3

Develop a culture of “Aggie Life” reflected by high student engagement through participation and learning in co-curricular experiences


Objective 1.4

Strengthen Career Pathways through service-learning, experiential learning and research engagement


Objective 1.5

Elevate graduate education


Objective 1.6

Offer a portfolio of engaging, relevant, and accessible academic programs that are tightly integrated with efforts related to research, service, and outreach


Objective 2.1

Facilitate the convergence of research and creative activity to address local and global challenges, integrated with undergraduate and graduate student education


Objective 2.2

Intentionally grow humanities, social sciences and creative arts to achieve comprehensive excellence in research and creative activity


Objective 2.3

Amplify impact of research findings by addressing local needs that align with global challenges


Objective 2.4

Amplify impact of research on society and the economy and promote international collaboration by accelerating technology and knowledge transfer


Objective 3.1

Be a leader in place-based innovation and in economic and community development


Objective 3.2

Develop and implement innovative and culturally responsive PK-20 outreach, professional development, and continuing education programs that support social mobility


Objective 3.3

Improve PK-20 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education


Objective 3.4

Strengthen and elevate public-private engagement


Objective 3.5

Amplify Cooperative Extension and outreach programs and services to increase support for businesses, individuals, and communities


Objective 4.1

Be a recognized leader in valuing the inclusion of diverse participants and in recognizing diversity as an asset among minority-serving, land-grant, and space-grant institutions


Objective 4.2

Cultivate faculty and staff excellence


Objective 4.3

Establish operational excellence through a metric-driven, service-oriented approach


Objective 4.4

Identify grand challenges and mobilize the University system to execute effective solutions


Objective 4.5

Establish strategic alignment with the NMSU Foundation to raise, manage, and steward private resources in support of the NMSU system

Venn Diagram of Strategic Plan